Let's Break Things Down:

Policies & Frequently Asked Questions:


Your ID will be checked before boarding the Koozie Kroozer. Anyone without an ID will not be permitted to drink or serve alcohol during your reservation time. 

Food and drinks are welcomed on the ride and encouraged! We just ask you to please drink responsibly. Ask us about our designated driver service to help ensure you have a safe way home after your ride. 

Reservation Policies:

2 Hour Tour on the Koozie Kroozer.

Upon booking, and selecting a starting location, we will discuss more on what kind of options we would have as far as places to visit. If you're not sure where to begin, there is an option for that and we will of course help guide you in your selection. Maybe you'd like to catch some views of the beach? Or maybe you'd prefer to do a little bar-hopping? Museum tour? Art scavenger hunt? (Muskegon has some beautiful artwork around town)

If it's in Muskegon, then the Koozie Kroozer has you covered!

Cancellation Policies: 

This deposit of ($120) will serve as a minimum cost to book/reserve a time and date. We will serve you rain or shine. No refunds will be permitted. "So long as a decision is made to change dates is made at least 1 month before your originally scheduled tour date, this deposit may be pushed out up to 1-full year. This MUST be communicated directly to [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger at the time of transferring.

If you'd like, we are absolutely open to transferring out the credits to your friends or family. You can also consider donating the deposit money to one of our partnering non-profit companies to use as they choose in conjunction with Koozie Kroozer.

Any questions, concerns, or comments may be sent to [email protected] or sent to the Koozie Kroozer Facebook Page inbox." 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is allowed on the bike? 

What dates are available? 

How much is it for the tour and ride?

How many people can ride with me?

Where do we go? Can we choose?

How do I pay?

How old do I have to be to ride?

What happens if it rains?

What should we wear?

What if we don't want beer?